Saturday, 28 May 2011


So i am back for a few days before i head back to work. In my last post i did not mention what i was doing. I was currently finishing off my military boot camp course. The second portion of it. Also known as BMQ Land (Soldier Qualifications). So i will keep this post short, as my writing skill has diminished a little. "BMQ" stands for "Basic Military Qualifications". "Land" means what side of the military I am on. In this case Land is well land and not air or naval.

Course details(what i learned):

M72 Rocket Propelled Grenade (SRAAW (L))
C13 Fragmentation grenade
C9 Light Machine Gun
C6 General Purpose Machine Gun

Platoon Attacks
Section Attacks

Recce Patrols

Offensive and Defensive Operations

How to dig and man a trench and not sleep for a week straight

The last point was the highlight of the course. Now i will display a picture of myself and the killing tools I was trained on.