Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Doritos and why the kind I tried, hurt!

So while I was away on course. I had a weekend off and decided to skip to the next town over. This town being Owen sound, a nice beach city. I decided instead of sleeping on a cot I would buy a hotel room with some buds and sleep there. While I was staying there a younger fellow on another course came out with a bunch of weird Doritos chips. They were well weird because I have never seen them before.

They were Doritos 1st degree burn, 2nd degree burn, and 3rd degree burn. Each bag a totally different level of spiciness. I never got to try them then. But about 2 weeks later(now) as I write this I bought some. Needless to say my mouth is still on fire from 6 hours ago when I tried them. Starting with 1st degree.

The flavor was jalapeno.  Needless to say I am already weak for jalapeno's. So these chips were manageable, but I still had a nice face sweat going on along with the tip of my tongue for some reason burning. You will definitely want to try and finish this bag before continuing your quest of pain. 

Next up is fiery buffalo. Now this one was surprisingly not as bad as the first for me. I was pounding them back as they had a very calm sweetness to them. Then it hit me like a wall of death. There is mad after burn with these chips. It sucks, I thought i was going to die. I drank 4 liters of milk and it still hurt. After accomplishing both 1st and 2nd degree. You have earned to try 3rd. If your not dead yet.

Scorching Habanero. Now I did not have the option of buying these chips as they were out of order. But from what I have read online it was probably best that I did not. The chip bag is red and the chips apparently don't look any different. Each bite is like swallowing razors of heat. When I get the chance to buy these I will write about my trip to the hospital. As I will clearly be there.

To the reader this may have been very exaggerated. Still eat at your own discretion.  Have fun and challenge yourself with these chips. They may be hard to come by in Canada as I had a hard time finding them.


  1. i don't handle spicy things well, but now i want to try these

    even if it means several trips to the bathroom :(

  2. I burned off all my taste buds when I fell in love with Dat'l peppers.

  3. love when things like Mt. Dew or Doritoes come out with new falvors! so much fun! I'm going to drop a few bucks on these now! thanks!

  4. innovators. Doritos are amazing

  5. I wish they returned with the 3d doritos, those things were AWESOME

  6. Ill add these to the list of things i dont want to try, me and spicy food dont get along realy well