Saturday, 12 March 2011

Black Russian Big Muff Pi

Today while browsing kijiji(a site that is like Ebay). I was browsing through the musical instruments sections in look for something i could add to my pedal board. For those who are not quite sure what a pedal board is or another term "pedal". I will begin with what a "pedal" is. A pedal is device that allows you to when stepped on(turn it on) allows the sound of your guitar or bass to change its tone and create a desired sound depending on the pedal. A pedal board is just a collection of all these pedals wired together in a loop or circuit. So you can add multiple effects created from the pedals to your guitar sound. Now of course this is a very basic description of what is actually happening. But for the mean time it will suffice. So today while browsing i found a fuzz (pedal) box. I have never experimented with one of these types of pedals. So i decided hey ill offer on this. The asking price was $80 and being a cheap-o i offered $40.

After a few minutes of bargaining i ended up with $50 for  this pedal. The pedal seeing as i have yet to introduce it, other then in the title. Was a discontinued Black Russian Big Muff Pi made by Electro-Harmonix. Now after i went and picked it up and rushed home to shred with it. The first thing i noticed was the input and output jacks on the back were in reverse order compared to most pedals. Which was kinda fresh and odd for me. So i plugged it in and messed with the knobs. OMG what a great pedal. I have no ways of explaining how soft and heavy the tone can be and how great it sounds regardless of how you turn the knobs. Juts mess around and you will find anything pleasing to the ear. For those that do not have this on their pedal board get it.

The only downside is its a beast in size. But gets the job down in pleasing your ear p*%%y.


  1. Since this particular model is discontinued, any other suggestions for good pedals?

  2. I noticed that website, kijiji, and checked it out.
    I think I'll have to tell my friends about that site.

  3. This seems like a pretty good price for one of these

  4. yeah, that does sound like a good price for that. awesome. Hope it sounds good