Wednesday, 13 April 2011

PHP Designer 7

So i am done my first year of Computer Science at Lakehead University. I Finished all my exams and feel confident I did good in the classes, that I do not currently have a mark to put with. I finished my computer Programming class with an 87% so I am happy and content with an A mark.  Now that I am done my math exams and I can now talk about other topics regarding more on the programming side of things.

First thing first. I was recommended a nice IDE called PHP Designer 7. For those who do not know what an IDE is.Here is a definition.

Integrated Development Environment. It has visual designer to allow you to put together the user interface visually, editor to let you edit the source code, compiler to compile your source to executable, debugger to debug your programs, etc.

So many IDE's make programming a lot easier and more convenient as it's a one stop shop. So anyhow I am currently teaching myself PHP for the sake of learning the language.

A definition of PHP :

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a recursive acronym; the first "P" stands for "PHP," and the first "P" of that stands for "PHP" as well, thus the cycle continues. It originally stood for Personal Home Page, but was renamed when the language fell into common use on the web, at version 3.0

The one thing i find cool about this language is that unlike ordinary web code where you can write it in a text file then change the extension and load it up in your internet to view the outcome. PHP needs some sort of server in order for the code to become visual. Where as if you typed out your code changed the extension and went to view it you would see nothing locally.

This is where PHP Designer 7 comes into play. It allows you to be able to visually see what your code is doing instead of having to set up a server to view it. Which has to be the most iimportant feature of this IDE. So anyhow here is the generic Hello World code in PHP. 

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
 <!-- Fig. 26.1: first.php -->
  <!-- Our first PHP script -->
      $name = "Hello World"; // declaration
   <html xmlns = "">
          <title>A simple PHP document</title>
       <body style = "font-size: 2em">
                <!-- print variable name's value -->
               Welcome to PHP, <?php print( "$name" );?>!

This code displays Hello World. Enjoy!


  1. heh, that sounds really convenient

  2. I don't know anything about programming, but I wish I did. This blog is really interesting, following!!

  3. All I can think when I see this blog is that you're a god of computers.

  4. Hello World. Reminds me of the programming classes I've taken in college.

  5. haha thanks for the code, can't believe you can do this PHP stuff, looks like a different language to me

  6. I understood all of the words before you started typing PHP. Does that count?

  7. Never knew what PHP meant before, now I do :D!

  8. wikipedia has a page on hello world samples from different languages. you should check it out bro.

  9. 87% is good dude, i know a lot of people who took that class and did a lot worse

    keep it up!

  10. ooo, that would be very useful during coding and save a lot of time

  11. ppl should avoid php, its bad designed, bad implemented language that makes you do bad things

  12. You sure did a good job but.

  13. Interesting! I'm not into programming but I always wanted to learn a bit of code. I've learned nothing but a bit of html. The only thing stopping me from starting is I probably have no use for it in my career

  14. hello world! I love that scentence... It's the start of every programming language, as well as the start of any console hack :p

  15. Well done on the A! Very impressive especially for computing!
    Please check out my blog too!

  16. Sounds cool, my cousin is a computer science major and he always helps me when my computer is acting screwy

  17. I only wish I knew what that meant :(

  18. haha pretty cool, i may major in political science

  19. Teach



    program.. Shit.