Monday, 18 April 2011

What Language to explain and possibly teach?

So starting this week, depending on how well comments go. I will be interacting with my fellow followers a bit. I want to see what you my followers want to see me talk about. To do this I will obviously ask you the reader to leave a nice comment/vote to determine what I talk about next. The topics I will be talking about will either be a programming language that i have not explored yet, or one that I am extremely familiar with. So this will be both a fun experience for myself and for the reader. I will hopefully brush up on some programming, or possibly learn a new language or at least better understand a language. I will also be referencing this post in my other posts so that you can get a chance to vote/comment. So I will now lay down the options for you to decide.

******* Please comment with the language you would like me to talk about*********
  1.  C
  2.  C++ 
  3. HTML
  4. CSS
  5. JavaScript
  6. PHP
  7. Java
  8. Other (state what language in comment)
Voting will be over by Wednesday or Thursday. 

 So I look forward to talking about one of these. Also even though school is over for myself. I have always wanted to learn Big "O" in math. So i think I will teach myself that and post it about that sometime.


  1. Dude, in your next post could you tell us which language is best to start off learning? Id like to be ok with a language before i start taking computing lessons.
    Please check out my blog too!

  2. Go with Java, i'd like to hear about that a bit.

  3. html is no programming language, its a markup language
    java is prolly the most educational one
    while i personally prefer objc :)

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  5. i can write a bit of html. still learning

  6. Make us a post telling the difference between each 0.0

  7. Knowing very little of programming, I would say C++ cause I hear it's the most versatile.

  8. I'd love to know more about java

  9. My random generator says java.

  10. Very Familiar with HTML,CSS, and some JavaScript. PHP gets my vote, just started a few short lessons on it.

  11. great post as always. keep up the good work!

  12. I'd be glad if you chose Java!
    I want to learn it...
    Runner up is C++

  13. I know some html already, so probably Java then C++

  14. C++ probably so I can show my girlfriend who's studying it.

  15. I love C++ and HTML the most! x2

    I know a little html but I'm open minded, never done any C++

  16. I'm not at all interested in PHP. I am in CSS but there's a lot of that already on the net. I'll probably remember this and come asking for help any day I can't get done what I want xD